The Journey Begins

So the journey began when I ordered my new bike! A cannon Tango 2 Women Bike 2017. I had the urge to start cycling again for a while, but between University and working I didn’t think I had the money or time. When I was a child I cycled everywhere and I was starting to miss having adventures on my bike!

Since I didn’t want to fork out on a new bike, I dragged my sparkly pink tequila bike from my shed (I am not sure if this is even a make of bike anymore because I can’t find it anywhere on the internet). I cycled around my local Park on my very old bike, which was very small for me and had no suspension. I had a great but uncomfortable time and it was then that I decided I needed to invest in an upgrade.

After much deliberation, I decided to buy the Cannon Tango 2, which was a very reasonable price from Tredz at £479 reduced from £649. In fact it was one of the most affordable bikes I looked at. I loved the colours and the fact there was an option for 0% finance making it only £15 a month! I got my boyfriend to check out the specs because he is an avid cyclist (part of the reason  my interest in bikes was sparked again). Tredz were great in advising what size bike I should get, as I was on the boarder of two sizes, in the end I went for the medium.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of my Bike when I first opened it, so here is a picture on me at my first ride at Llandegla forest, which my next blog post will be about 🙂


Update! After another look it turns out I did get a picture after the unboxing…